To me, wealth is having all you need, to do all you want, to the degree that you want to, as at when you want to.

Wealth is not an end in itself but it is worth pursuing because it is a means to whatever end you choose. I believe that you can never truly be fulfilled in the absence of resources.

Steve Jobsstarted this blog to document my personal journey to financial freedom.

Over the next three years, I intend to:

  1. Grow my personal net worth to a minimum of $1,000,000.
  2. Develop a personal mentor/protege relationship with 30 self made millionaires, globally.
  3. Help 30 young people develop a personal net worth of $50, 000 each.

Audacious right?  To some, yes.  To others, no.

Well, via this blog, I will be sharing my thoughts as I pursue these goals.

Though measured in financial terms, these goals are not about money.

They are really about adding value, to myself and to others.

The money is merely a reward for going through the process.

My areas of interest include personal finance, proprietary trading (fx and equities), capital investing, entrepreneurship, business mentoring and networking.

These themes form the thread from which the fabric of this blog is woven.

Obviously, I will be focusing on my areas of interest and while I know that a few of my perspectives may change over the course of this project, I will try to ensure at every stage in my journey, that whatever I share per time will add value to whoever reads this blog.

As a millionaire in training, I will be sharing what I am doing, why I am doing it and how I am doing it, at least twice a week, hopefully in a manner that you will find helpful in your own unique journey.

I am making memories of my moments.

I am making my matters memorable.

I am making myself matter.

You only live once, you might as well live a life that leaves a legacy.


Olufukeji Adegbeye CWM


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