Talking Technical: The Bite Size Post

I’ve been away for too long…much too long, my apologies.
Running a blog alongside my previous responsibilities is much harder than I thought…what with my busy schedule and all.
But that’s not an excuse. I  must be consistent. I must make out time for this blog.
My e-savvy sister and blogger of many years earlier advised me to keep my articles short and easy to read. I think I will now take her advice.
Long and lengthy…nice but probably not sustainable.
Short and sweet, much more realistic.
So, I will introduce my bite size posts starting from now.
Meanwhile, what has happened since my last post?
Well, I stumbled upon two new investment role models, John Burbank of Passport Capital and Jaffray Woodriff of Quantitative Investment Management. (You know I love reading about successful traders/hedge fund managers).

Read more here:

What else? My stock pick? Well, as forecasted, Guaranty Trust Bank is up.

And Nigerian Breweries is also up.

I am still bullish overall on these two NSE stocks…lets see how the last month of Q2 will look. But for now, I target 185 as TP for NB  and 30 as short term TP for GTB but if the All Share Index falls back down to 35,000 then maybe its time to take profits and just watch as foreign inflows and local volumes rebalance their portfolio for Q3. If the ASI breaks 40,000, then hold, its going to be a lovely bull run upwards all the way. (Prehistoric highs of 70,000 may be revisited long term…very long term.)
In the month of June, I will focus more technically on global currencies and will  try to share my views and perspective on the global currency markets here. I hope to put up screenshots of  failed and successful trades and generally share a little on my self taught trading ideology. Why? Well, the FX markets have always been my first love…ohhhhh…FX, the pains and the promise of FX trading…those who know what I am talking about, who have crossed the 95% failure statistics will nod in quiet agreement with me.

In that vein, I leave you to read an article that confirms what I always have always believed. Mastering your markets and devising a systematic method of extracting alpha from the markets beta is the only way to trade consistently. Alpha is NOT beta. Alpha should be your pursuit as an investor Period. And only time will prove this.

I suspect that my post is not as lengthy or as interesting as previous ones but pick what you can and learn…afterall, in the words of a popular Nigerian slogan, ‘at all, at all na him bad pass’.

Do have a lovely new month ahead.

Your’s in the quest for competence, success and significance,

Olufukeji Adegbeye CWM!