Nigerian Naira Futures Contracts Now Available! Cool!

So, based on this report here

Traders can now trade futures contracts of the NGN. Very nice!


Stanbic ETF 30 Launch, Euromoney Nigeria Banking & Capital Markets Conference

I’ve been networking and attending quite a number of finance/trading events in Nigeria lately. Why? because the trading industry in Nigeria is at a tipping point. And I am not just talking about the growth of Nigerian traders who trade the global markets. I am talking about the rate at which Nigerian instruments are being created to be traded globally. ETFs being launched, a highly liquid OTC platform being created and marketed, a call for increased transparency and liquidity in our capital markets, especially after the rebasing of our economy as the largest in Africa.

Stanbic IBTC which operates the largest stock brokerage & asset management company in Nigeria, just launched their ETF 30, the 3rd ETF to be launched in Nigeria ( and IMHO, will be the largest ETF for now). It mirrors to about 92% correlation, the performance of the NSE All Share Index, and is a great way to passively trade the Nigerian Stock market. Investors can participate by buying a minimum of 10,000 units at 100NGN per unit are available in this IPO, to be listed in December 2014,

I also attended the Euromoney Nigeria Banking & Capital Markets Conference. It was a high profile event with keynote speakers and panelists from CBN, major banks, agricultural and commodities trading companies, as well as e-commerce companies. The highlight for me was getting to meet senior professionals and keynote speakers/panelists like Kola Masha (Agriculture) Edward George (Ecobank, Group Head Research), and best of all, one of the most visionary financial markets/treasury/risk professionals in Nigeria, Mr Bola Onadele Koko. He runs FMDQ OTC, Nigeria’s largest and most liquid OTC platform. I met a couple of other silent HNI traders amongst the attendees.

As a financial markets trader and brokerage consultant, this event inspired and challenged me to focus not only on global market instruments but to also start exploring Nigerian instruments. The trading industry in Nigeria is at a tipping point! So, I will find out what it takes to trade on the FMDQ OTC platform and I will keep you posted.

Oh, and yeah, God just graciously bestowed on me the investment of a lifetime, I’m now a father of a beautiful princess, born October 3rd, 2014. So those trust fund dreams of mine had better materialise now! The future is counting on me!

Yours in the quest for success and significance,

Olufukeji Adegbeye, CWM