H.E Okonji Iweala read my thoughts and spoke my mind!

6th November post

I posted the above on Facebook about a week ago, on the 6th and yesterday, the 14th, the Minister of Finance of my country, Nigeria, Professor Ngozi Okonji Iweala echoed my thoughts and said something similar in the National Dailies.

See what she said here –


As a self taught trader of local equities and global markets, I was so happy to see that my grasp of global economics and the Nigerian investment terrain has grown to the point where I can spot both local and global economic trends and consequences. I’ve spent the last six to nine months increasing my knowledge base and trading skills and consequently, trading income…my posts next year will show this huge value add. That being said, I expect to see USDNGN at 188.8 before February 2015. I don’t expect our stock market to rebound until Crude oil finds support, and our exchange rate comes back to 140/150 levels. How sad! And the fact is, with better fiscal policies, we could have minimised these losses as a government.
That being said,you need to be financially intelligent in these volatile times to take advantage and not be taken advantage of! Contact me for basic financial intelligence and investment trading training. Remember, through wisdom is a house built…but riches and pleasant things come by knowledge!!! Prov. 24: 3 -6

If you still need convincing on why you should get financially intelligent, watch this video by Anthony Robbins.


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