Yaaay! I was invited for an interview with EbonyLife TV where I talked a bit about how I got into the wonderful world of trading and investing! Enjoy!!!

If you have read Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Cash Flow Quadrant, you will realise that there are four ways of earning an income.

  1. Employee: exchanges his time for a fixed salary. His salary is fixed and his time belongs to his employer.
  2. Self Employed: creates more time by choosing to work for himself. Income is not guaranteed but his time is more flexible.
  3. Big Business Owner: creates a business system that employs others to work for him and earn him money.
  4. Investor: makes his money work for him and earns residual income from profits from capital investments.

Academia/formal education teaches us the skills required to become successful Employees or Self Employed and sometimes Big Business Owners. Financial freedom is only available to Big Business Owners and Investors. Building a Big business system is a bit tough and the factors are not always necessarily within your control. However, becoming a financially intelligent Investor is very possible, if you are taught and mentored about paper currency, real money, the financial markets, the banking system and how it affects your savings, your store of value and retirement plans.

Before you can successfully enter the fourth quadrant as an Investor, you must be taught and mentored.

As part of plans to teach and empower people who want to understand how to achieve financial freedom by trading the global financial markets, myself and some fellow traders are mentoring people, teaching our proven strategies to interested students and placing them in small mentoring groups where they will be supported and coached until they become consistently profitable financial markets traders and investors.

In recognition of our efforts to empower people and make them financially intelligent, EbonyLife TV invited me to talk a little about what myself and what we do at ValueFlowTrading.

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Yours in the quest for success and significance,

Olufukeji “Ejimi” Adegbeye, CWM



So, China devalues its currency today by 2% to boost its economy. This is what I think is happening. China has been stocking up on its gold reserves, in anticipation of ¬†push to have Yuan become a reserve currency and have the influence of the dollar reduced in global trade. So, let’s allow the Yuan to be devalued. Let’s wait for the inevitable collapse of the dollar due to massive printing (quantitative easing). Let’s peg our Yuan to the gold standard, in one way or the other. And then allow the world to choose which fiat currency they prefer. The dead dollar backed by a fast emptying US gold reserve and massive QE or the dead yuan backed by an ever increasing gold reserve. All in all, I think this is a win win for gold. A devalued dollar and a devalued yuan makes a case for gold in high demand. I am waiting for slight weakness in the US dollar to push Gold higher. See the charts below to see how the demand for gold versus paper currencies seems to be increasing. Pay special attention the the divergence between GoldUSD and GoldEuro/GoldYen. This is value flow trading! By the way, I just launched my Trader Training and Mentoring website: Check it out!

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