I was invited over the weekend to be a guest on an amazing radio show “Girlfriends on Radio”. The discussion centered around “Securing a financial future”. I really enjoyed it, although most of what I discussed was basic common sense principles of personal finance management, budgeting, saving and investing. I couldn’t discuss in detail on how to use the financial markets to achieve financial freedom, but still, the tips shared will be very helpful, especially to the typical young Nigerian worker.

Lately, I’ve been invited to speak at events and on radio/TV on how to achieve financial freedom, using the financial markets. It’s really humbling for me, because I started this blog two years back to document my own journey to financial freedom. It’s not easy making the switch from being an employee or being self employed to also becoming an active investor/trader, who survives mainly on income from investment profits, especially in a third world country like Nigeria. I know because I have spent the better part of my working life using my own life as a guinea pig, a pilot test case! But gradually, it seems that my progress is starting to become more visible! I am really looking forward to the future!

To understand why I am so happy, you may need to read some of my earliest posts on this blog. Find them here:

I have not arrived, but I am not where I used to be and most importantly, I am still moving and making progress.

So, watch the radio show and learn a few basic starting points!

Yours in the quest for success, and beyond that, significance.

Olufukeji Adegbeye, CWM


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