2016: A Year of Competence and Character!


I told God about 5 years ago that I want to live to be at least 70 years old, so that I can directly mentor/influence 100 ordinary individuals into having faith that is truly Christlike, whose families would be inspirational and whose finances would be in the region of at least 1 million USD and more. I asked Him how I would attract and transform such people. God told me to focus on becoming a person of exceptional Character and then Competence. Character is the foundation for sustained competence. Character is a function of 5 components.
1. Conviction: an unflinching commitment to an ideal.
2. Vision: the ability to identify opportunity.
3. Discipline: the ability to stick to a predetermined intentional vision-inspired daily routine, regardless.
4. Integrity: the ability to make what you say will happen, happen.
PS: Integrity is different from honesty. Honesty simply means you say the truth about what has happened. Integrity deals with the future, honesty deals with the past. Integrity requires competence and sincerity. Honesty requires ONLY sincerity.Many people are honest. Few have integrity.
5. Sacrifice: the ability to forfeit a lesser good today to attain a higher good tomorrow.
So, everyday, grow in Conviction, Vision, Discipline, Integrity and Sacrifice and you will attract people of quality and potential.
My previous post reveals the ingredients for competence.


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