2016 pix

Happy New Year!
In 2016, I will be posting a lot more on this blog!
About 13 years ago, I told God that I wanted to be a millionaire in USD by the age of 25, latest 30 years (don’t ask me why).
Now that I am almost at that milestone, I definitely am not a millionaire in USD, but I still have plans to become one sooner than later. I asked God for what to do to accelerate the achievement of that goal and below are four things that I have been inspired to thoroughly study and understand in even greater detail in 2016.
1. Understand money and how it circulates.
2. Understand people/customers and what they really need and want.
3. Understand value (tangible & intangible) and how it is created, distributed and exchanged.
And for the Christian believer, who wants to secure not just his future, but his eternity, go further to
4. Understand God’s Spirit and his intentions on the above 3 issues.

If you can study these things thoroughly in 2016 and APPLY what you learn such that you gain mastery in these four areas, I daresay that your productivity, fulfillment, reward and impact in life will be amazing. I will be creating a small focused group to share my thoughts and findings on each area and to also journey together towards the achievement of those goals. Watch this space!


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