Your greatest limitation is your current mindset!!

There are two major obstacles you will need to conquer once you decide to pursue financial freedom.

A poverty mindset is the sum total of our convictions, beliefs and mental conditioning about wealth that makes us uncomfortable with or critical of having abundance and living a life of comfort and luxury.


Say for example, if you are a young single person and you see a wedding photo-shoot or a picture of a happily married couple, what reaction does it evoke in you? Discomfort & criticism or joy & nostalgia? Usually, joy & nostalgia…why? Because you probably have a healthy mental conditioning towards marriage and you desire to one day marry and you know that plus or minus, give or take, you have what it takes to be get married and you know you WILL be married one day.. So there’s no fear, criticism or discomfort in your reaction to a happy marriage. Same thing for everything good and aspirational in life.

Well same thing applies to a Poverty Mindset, but in a negative way. If we subconsciously doubt that we will ever enjoy abundance & live a life of comfort and luxury, we will become critical of & uncomfortable with anything that attempts to suggest wealth to us.

This mental picture is what will hinder us from wholeheartedly pursuing financial knowledge, insights, relationships & opportunities than can build wealth over time. And so, that inner picture becomes our outer reality.

So, do you have a Poverty Mindset and how can you reprogram yourself into having a WEALTH mindset? Only then will financial literacy work for you.

Yours in the quest for success and significance!

Olufukeji “Ejimi”Adegbeye, CWM


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