The untapped $500 billion Nigerian agricultural commodities trading value chain!

It’s been a very hectic couple of weeks for me, full of travelling and networking. Last week, I was at the Commodity Trading & Risk Management Seminar hosted by INTL FCStone and Tony Elumelu’s backed African Exchange, at the Transcorp Hilton. It was an exciting time, interfacing with traders, regulators, investors and entrepreneurs and seeing the future unfold.

Watch one of the facilitators, Stuart, as he sheds more light.

Did you know that the Agricultural Commodities Trading industry in Nigeria is a $500 billion dollar industry? And it is largely untapped? Imagine building your investment portfolio over the next 8 years in that space?

Imagine combining that with another investment portfolio in the global currencies market which is $5.3 trillion dollars in volume?

Regardless of the current job or business you run, it is critical that you use the income from that business or job to build a solid, recession proof investment portfolio of currency and commodity trading if you are serious about achieving self sufficiency, financial freedom and leaving a legacy that gives your children an edge in life.

It’s a great opportunity, but it requires some serious capacity building. I can teach and mentor you as you acquire the relevant skills to build such a portfolio and pursue either a full time or part time career in this field. I also will place you in a community of like minded individuals who are committed to building their portfolios. This will provide you the networking community required for knowledge transfer, accountability, etc. It is hard work, but it is very rewarding. You cannot be sacked and your income over the years should keep growing if you do things properly.

Yours in the quest for success and significance!


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