Happy New May & a review of how April’s trade outlook played out!

Happy New Month…in the first week of April, I posted my thoughts for the month and I said I expected to see GU rally and then maybe EU.
gbpusd 020516 pred2

What was expected.
Well, GBPUSD rallied 500pips as expected. With good risk to reward entries, one could have grown his account by at least 10-15% at conservative risk.

This is just to show how that the ValueFlowTrading strategies using flows can be very straightforward and very rewarding. View the two pictures to see the rallies as predicted.

gbpusd 020516 pred

How it played out.

Like I said, it is possible to become a USD millionaire in the next 5 years, if you learn how to make 5% profit, compounded, every month on your investment portfolio!

Yours in the quest for success & significance…Cheers!.