Back when I used to trade for a bank, I didn’t have any time for myself. But now that I’m a private trader, I get to spend quality time during/after trading, watching my kids grow. It’s one thing to make money. It’s another thing to have the time, energy and peace of mind to enjoy doing so without sacrificing family life too much. Forex trading ruined my career as a bank trader, but gave me time and income to focus more on my family!

So, for those who have ever wondered about what Forex Trading is and how you can profit from it, I have two sets of emails that I would like to send to you .

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Forex Trading is not for everyone. It has its risks, but if properly mastered can be a very consistent way to financial freedom. The Value Flow Navigator, which I designed, can help you master Forex trading.

What I will do for you if you chose to enroll for the courses in the Value Flow Navigator, is I will show you the most cost effective and credible way to become a consistently profitable trader. I will tell you the hard truths about trading, no stories, no unrealistic promises.

I will draw from years of experience as a self taught trader, ex bank trader, certified technical analyst, Chartered Wealth Manager and a Fellow of the American Academy of Financial Management to guide you through the long, tough process.

For business owners, self employed or for employees who have zero interest in trading & investing, I will also show you how you can still achieve financial freedom, even if you chose not become a forex trader. How? By showing you how to profit, not just from your portfolio, but from your passions and your purpose.

So, if you would like to receive my two sets of emails, please inbox me your email address.


Yours in the quest for success & significance,
Olufukeji ‘ Ejimi” Adegbeye, CWM