The Mystery of Mastery!

My wife and I were watching the Rio Olympics the other night where over 11,547 athletes are gathered in Rio, in full view of the whole world to compete and display mastery in different sporting activity as weird as water polo, archery, synchronised diving, etc.

There was this beautiful young Brazilian lady archer who was so competent. Her competence, ease and confidence as she shot & scored 8s,9s and even one bull’s eye 10 was so inspiring.Such grace, such determination, such preparation.

Later my wife told me that watching that lady shoot arrows inspired her to stretch herself even more and become the best baker, pastry chef and trainer in Nigeria.

I was surprised because the lady archer had a similar influence on me. I was in awe of her ability and challenged to develop my own ability as a Financial Freedom Coach, Chartered Wealth Manager and Financial Markets Trader.


The display of mastery is very entertaining and solves the problem of boredom, but beyond that, God designed human beings to be in awe of the display of Mastery and be willing to pay any price to behold mastery.


Because whenever a person displays mastery in a particular field, any field at all, he/she inspires onlookers to become masters in their own field.

It’s why footballer Paul Pogba earns $120m signing fees.
It’s why Steve Harvey is a millionaire comedian.
It’s why the Kardashians/Jenners are worth $300m.
It’s why Pastor Benny Hinn is worth $42m

They are all masters of their craft.

rio 2

By engaging ONLY in activities that you were naturally wired by God to do, you are increasing the probability of developing mastery in that field.

By developing mastery in that field, you increase the probability of charging premium fees, above your colleagues in that field.

If you’re serious about financial freedom, you need to discover your passions, create a niche business around your passions and develop unparalleled mastery in it.

So, what are you gaining mastery in? Share your thoughts please!

Yours in the quest for success & significance,

Olufukeji “Ejimi” Adegbeye, CWM





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