ART INVESTMENT ADVISORY: Should I diversify into African art?

 I read Remi Owadokun‘s post earlier in the day where she challenged us to consider our descendants, the questions she asked and statements she made like –
“Remi… will your grand children know your name?”
“Will stories of your exploits be told for generations?”
“I did not come to spend my WHOLE one life “only” to be remembered by my children”
Remi said, when you consider your descendants, even your thinking will change!
So I spent today thinking of all the weirdest, practical & yet most interesting diversified investments I can make on behalf of my kids & grandkids.
From tree planting to art collecting…and I really think that collecting art now on behalf of my grandkids will make a lot of sense.

Furthermore, I’m up tonight researching on top hedge funds and I realise that Citadel’s CEO, Ken Griffin spent $500m on two art painintgs. He is a hedge fund trader, so him spending that much on art is an eye opener to me.

I then do some more research and discover that African art is growing.


Irma Stern’s Arab Priest artwork, seen above, sold for $4.8m at Bonhams. It holds the record as the most expensive African painting.

Prince Yemisi Shyllon, Nigeria’s largest private art collector who started collecting as an undergraduate, says his pieces have appreciated on average 10 times in 2 decades. That’s pretty decent ROI, in my opinion.

So, should I start buying relatively affordable pieces now from contemporary african artists and start a modest collection for my kids and grandkids?

Anyways, the articles below may throw some perspective on the potential!

Afterall, art appreciates when the artist is dead…hehehe!

So I’ll collect today’s artwork for my grandchildren…hehehe!
What do you think?

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