On cryptocurrencies & MLMs.

Any “cryptocurrency” that requires an MLM/ pyramid networking structure to profit from is suspicious.
Any “cryptocurrency” that is not accepted as a means/mode of online payment for goods & services bought from regular retail stores is suspicious.
Any cryptocurrency that isn’t integrated with blockchain technology is suspicious.
Any “cryptocurrency” that is created, without encryption or data mining, out of thin air by a founder who is not a programmer and cannot be mined by indepndent data miners with very advanced computers with superior processing abilities is suspicious.
Any “cryptocurrency” that is not traded independently on an exchange is suspicious.
Any “cryptocurrency” that is not traded independently as a CFD on a Forex, Equities Trading platform like Metatrader4 is suspicious.
Any “cryptocurrency” that has steadily appreciated through the years and has never depreciated is suspicious. Even Bitcoin, the pioneer and most trusted cryptocurrency lost 75% December 2013 and throughout 2014.
Invest in yourself by investing in knowledge before you invest money in any “investment” scheme.
To understand the world of investments and how you can grow a multimillion dollar investment portfolio, subscribe to my Millionaire Investor Mindset Course where I will show you how to achieve million dollar status in 5 years or less by profiting from your passions, your purpose & your portfolio.
PS: If you do have never heard concepts like data-mining, encryption, blockchain, then you should educate yourself before putting in your hard earned money.
PS.S.: If your “cryptocurrency” is not Bitcoin, Litecoin, Darkcoin, be very careful. Do your DUE diligence very very well.


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