In search of yield, UK or US? How correlated instruments can improve your FX trading

This is a weekly chart of UK bonds/yield/Pound versus US bonds/yield/dollar…what can you see?


I have continued my research on correlated asset classes and it has been very fruitful.

Forward testing on EURUSD using the MOEX asset…here are the results so far.

I take one trade per day. Usually during the Asian session into the London session. I target 30-60 pips. Looking good so far.


I’m hoping to use this to make 25% minimum monthly returns on EURUSD trading alone.

It’s ridiculously simple and straightforward and I intend to teach it to part time traders, once I have perfected it.

Yours in the quest for success & significance,

Olufukeji ‘Ejiimi” Adegbeye, CWM


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