Have you ever gotten to an set of ATM machines and seen a long queue behind one ATM and the other ATM is free with no one queuing behind it?

Well, it recently happened to me! And I asked those I met on the queue – have you tried using this free ATM? And they said no.

So I went, tried the free ATM and it dispensed cash to me. Immediately I withdrew, the others watching me ran to try out the free ATM I just left.

I smiled to myself, feeling very smart as I walked away like a superstar.

That is kinda how life is for most people.
Simply because we met others doing life in a particular way, we just conform. We rarely ask ourselves, can things be different?


Ask yourself like I did at the ATM, what percentage of the people queuing actually found out for themselves if the other ATM works or not?

What you are currently doing, what percentage of the people also doing it actually found out for themselves if it will give them the results they desire?

PAUSE. THINK. Ask yourself again.

Can things be different, be better for me? Does it have to be this way? Can I innovate? Do the limitations of others have to be my limitation?

PAUSE. THINK. Ask yourself again. Why am I conforming to the status quo?

You know why? Because we don’t want to be deviant, to be the odd one, to be different.

WHAT IF I FAIL? What if my new approach doesn’t work?

Sometimes, I try to use the other ATM and it doesn’t dispense and I have to go back and join the long queue with the others and I can literally feel the smug look that they give me as I join them.

It’s like they are mocking me in their thoughts saying ” oh we that conformed an joined the queue, you think you are better than us right?”

Well, yes I am better. Because even though I “failed” at least I know that I tried!

Don’t let the fear of other people’s opinions hold you back. Don’t let the fear of failure limit you.

This is what living an intentional life entails. You must question paradigms and find out for yourself what others accept and take for granted.

You may fail initially, but rest assured, your boldness will be rewarded and you will succeed eventually!

Be intentional.

Know what you really want from life.
Not just what society dictates, not just what family demands, not just what friends expect, but what YOU want!

Awesome results or an average life? Which do you want and why?
The security of the known or the risk of conquering new territory?
Which do you prefer and why?
How would being a pioneer affect you?
What are you doing differently to get different results?


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My reading list for 2017!

Money won’t make you rich. Giving will.

But how can you give when you yourself are always broke? No wonder the world’s biggest givers are also the world’s richest!

To help the poor, don’t be poor.

I will re-read and digest these books over and over again in 2017!

PS: If you want to develop the mindset and discover the methods of billionaires, read these books below. Start with the Bible…


Demystifying Bitcoin: Identifying correlated assets that influence Bitcoin’s value and price!

In my previous article on Bitcoins, I said that before I trade any asset, I seek to

1. Understand dealer counterparty risk and trade it.

2. Identify/create correlated/synthetic asset classes and arbitrage their divergence.

Gradually, I am starting to identify correlated assets for Bitcoin specifically and cryptos generally. This will give me increased confidence to try and time the BTC market.

FUNFACT: Do you know that every January since 2013, BTC sold off massively?

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For those of you who trade Bitcoin BTC, one thing that will help your trading is to track the trading volumes of bitcoin at BTC China, the world’s largest bitcoin exchange as well as the foreign reserves of China.

If Chinese foreign reserves are reducing and BTCChina’s trading volumes are increasing, buy BTC.

Remember how I said that BTC crashed when Chinese government said they were investigating BTCChina? You see why now, right?

Bitcoin is negatively correlated with the foreign reserves right now.

Read the two articles below, they should shed more light.



Meanwhile the move by the CBN to ban banks from trading virtual currencies is at best uninformed. It is a vague ban that can be easily circumvented. The PBOC (China’s central bank) did something similar in December 2013. It didn’t take BTCChina up to a month to read, interpret and circumvent the law.

(On 18 December 2013, BTCChina announced that it was temporarily suspending acceptance of Chinese yuan deposits, attributing the decision to government regulations, following a 5 December statement from the People’s Bank of China (PBOC).[4] On 30 January 2014, the exchange resumed accepting yuan deposits, after further studying the PBOC statement and other rules.[5] While the PBOC prohibited banks from trading in Bitcoin, BTCChina explained that they were accepting yuan into their corporate bank account, and transferring that money to their customer accounts, before it was traded for bitcoins.)

Happy Trading.

PS: I still don’t personally trade BTC, BTC is best as a long term investment. I prefer Forex trading. It is way easier and straightforward than BTC trading, in my honest opinion.

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You will be taught how to track changes in the US economy, by observing the US Gold, Forex and Bonds markets. You will then exploit these economic changes to profitably trade the US markets and target 5-10% monthly returns. This strategy can help you achieve your long term goal of building a million dollar investment portfolio.


First of all, the two charts below should be studied by everyone who has invested in Bitcoin blindly and is now panicking because of the recent sell off. Get the charts and study them at least twice a month. There is nothing like free money! Sustainable investing requires time and knowledge!



Back to the matter.

Everywhere I turn, people are shouting about cryptocurrencies.

I shared my thoughts about Bitcoin in Q3 of 2016, on Facebook when it was at 750 levels and I hinted to a trader friend that that if it broke that level, it would rally to its previous all time high recorded in 2013.

I also wrote a commentary in The Profitable Investor Network, my free membership based Facebook Community. You can click on the link below to join The Profitable Investor Network, where I help you how grow your wealth by showing you how to earn more, save smarter and invest better. It’s free, for now!


I said there that as a currency trader, I have learnt that value merely flows from one asset class to another.

Before investing or trading any asset class, I:

1. Understand dealer counterparty risk and trade it.

2. Identify/create correlated/synthetic asset classes and arbitrage their divergence.

What is driving Bitcoin’s rally?

What are the correlated assets that can influence Bitcoin’s rise or fall?

What are the dealer counterparty risks associated with Bitcoin?

Do your research.

I’ll give you a hint.

Concepts like Retail sales.

Assets like Ripple.

Monetary policies like the current paper currency restrictions in India and the capital exportation restrictions in China.

Oh and I still haven’t invested in cryptocurrencies.

Before investing in any asset class, I invest knowledge in myself first. Because in investing, why is more important than what!

Knowledge about things like capital outflow and currency control policy of central banks like People’s Bank of China. Reserve Bank of India. Ethereum. Monero. ZCash. BTC Gold ratio. Mount Gox.

I mention these terms to people who are holding Bitcoin as a long term investment (and not just for daily transactions and settlements) and if they sound blank, I ask them to please invest in knowledge first.

Saying you want to invest in bitcoins is like saying you want to invest in naira, cedis or rand or even dollars. That statement doesn’t make any sense right? You can’t invest in a currency, in that sense.

Currencies are primarily a PAYMENT & SETTLEMENT SOLUTION, not a investment asset. You can only exchange one currency for another currency that is appreciating faster in value due to higher demand.

Well, same thing with cryptoCURRENCIES, in this case bitcoin. Bitcoin’s value is primarily tied to the fact that merchants, importers & exporters accept it as a form of payment.

Infact, the value of ANY cryptocurrency is tied to its ability to be accepted as a payment solution. The more the merchants that accept bitcoin, the more the demand for bitcoin.

The more the demand for bitcoin, the higher the value and price of bitcoin.

So, if you are “investing” in bitcoin, you have to ask yourself, which country/region uses bitcoin the most as a payment solution?

Why are they dumping their own fiat currrency for cryptos?

What is the response of their central bank to this trend? Is their central bank also adopting cryptos in its reserves?

Which particular crypto are they going to adopt? Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash? And yes, it will most likely be bitcoin.

If yes, then that means the demand for that bitcoin will increase. If no, that means one day the central bank can ban legitimate merchants from ACCEPTING bitcoins. Can central banks stop its use? No! Can they limit its use? Yes.

Same way cocaine is still very valuable but you can’t be advertising publicly that you are a cocaine seller, right?

So, your bitcoin will still be valuable but it won’t be as liquid and easy to sell.

You get?

PS: Don’t even ask me about all these “community” pyramid scheme “investment” coins that are not accepted as payment solutions by merchants. Read the post above and conclude for yourself how valuable they are.