Have you ever gotten to an set of ATM machines and seen a long queue behind one ATM and the other ATM is free with no one queuing behind it?

Well, it recently happened to me! And I asked those I met on the queue – have you tried using this free ATM? And they said no.

So I went, tried the free ATM and it dispensed cash to me. Immediately I withdrew, the others watching me ran to try out the free ATM I just left.

I smiled to myself, feeling very smart as I walked away like a superstar.

That is kinda how life is for most people.
Simply because we met others doing life in a particular way, we just conform. We rarely ask ourselves, can things be different?


Ask yourself like I did at the ATM, what percentage of the people queuing actually found out for themselves if the other ATM works or not?

What you are currently doing, what percentage of the people also doing it actually found out for themselves if it will give them the results they desire?

PAUSE. THINK. Ask yourself again.

Can things be different, be better for me? Does it have to be this way? Can I innovate? Do the limitations of others have to be my limitation?

PAUSE. THINK. Ask yourself again. Why am I conforming to the status quo?

You know why? Because we don’t want to be deviant, to be the odd one, to be different.

WHAT IF I FAIL? What if my new approach doesn’t work?

Sometimes, I try to use the other ATM and it doesn’t dispense and I have to go back and join the long queue with the others and I can literally feel the smug look that they give me as I join them.

It’s like they are mocking me in their thoughts saying ” oh we that conformed an joined the queue, you think you are better than us right?”

Well, yes I am better. Because even though I “failed” at least I know that I tried!

Don’t let the fear of other people’s opinions hold you back. Don’t let the fear of failure limit you.

This is what living an intentional life entails. You must question paradigms and find out for yourself what others accept and take for granted.

You may fail initially, but rest assured, your boldness will be rewarded and you will succeed eventually!

Be intentional.

Know what you really want from life.
Not just what society dictates, not just what family demands, not just what friends expect, but what YOU want!

Awesome results or an average life? Which do you want and why?
The security of the known or the risk of conquering new territory?
Which do you prefer and why?
How would being a pioneer affect you?
What are you doing differently to get different results?


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